Creating and Managing Strong Passwords

Credits CC, Carol, Megan Last Updated 2016-05

In this module, trainers will work with participants to review basic habits and practices for managing passwords, the implications of a compromised password and how they are commonly compromised, and how to create "stronger" passwords and use a password manager tool to administer them.

Learning Goals for Participants

  • How passwords are commonly compromised.
  • Common myths and misperceptions about passwords.
  • Features of “stronger” passwords.
  • The importance of using password managers and how to use them.

Important Notes

While secure passwords is one of the most fundamental digital safety topics, the advice for minimum password strength—and other related best practices—changes constantly as shorter and less complex passwords become easier, faster, and cheaper to compromise. Keep up to date to provide the best advice for training participants.

In addition, trainers will differ on what they consider the best parameters for a strong password, which may deviate from the advice in this section - remember to keep participant context in mind while covering this topic.

Additional Materials

You may also find the section on Password Managers and the Password Manager gif from the Security Education Companion (SEC) to be helpful. In addition, the SEC article and training handout on two factor authentication may be relevant to training on account security.