Safer Browsing

Credits LevelUp Last Updated 2016-06

This section contains training modules related to practices for more safely navigating the web, through awareness of the connections users make to the internet and the potentially identifying data that can be left behind. Topics addressed include taking advantage of SSL-protected connections over HTTPS, circumvention techniques and tools, and protecting your identity online while browsing.


Safer Browsing - Anonymity and Circumvention

This module covers specific browsing practices and tools for remaining anonymous online, and circumvention for accessing blocked or censored content online. Many tools and strategies to circumvent Internet restrictions are in existence today; however, some tools offer more security features than others, and may be better for your unique needs for security than others.

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Safer Browsing - HTTPS and SSL

This module illustrates one of the most common Internet encryption protocols - secured HTTPS connections between users and websites using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. Trainers may wish to confirm however, when preparing for in-class demonstrations, that they are not directing participants to visit websites that have been banned.

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Safer Browsing - Identity Protection and Privacy

This module, which expands on theme of safer browsing techniques, addresses questions of privacy online and how informed use of web browsers and browser settings can help users to gain more control over their online identities. This includes ways to reduce the amount of identifying information users leave behind when visiting websites, and available plug-ins and tools that support these techniques.

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