Safer Software Updating

Credits Neil Blazevic, Mallory Knodel Last Updated 2016-03

This fundamental level module addresses habits and practices for more safely downloading and updating software on a device. As this module includes tasks to download and install software, it is recommended that the trainer confirm prior to class that the websites featured in these activities are unfiltered and genuine.

Learning Goals for Participants

  • Discover what applications are on installed on the PCs in the class.
  • Learn the process for updating applications and operating systems.
  • Learn the process for installing and uninstalling applications.
  • Identify which websites are the safest to use when downloading software.
  • Understand what risks come with pirated software, as well as the risks of not updating genuine software.

Important Notes

A common challenge for participants trying to update their system is a slow Internet connection. If this is the case, suggest that users find solutions such as downloading updates overnight or using hotel WiFi access. Sharing software on flash drives is not recommended as these drives can become infected. Participants may be embarrassed to discuss pirating software - if this appears to be the case, avoid singling out individuals as examples of piracy.

You may also find the Software Updates And Why They Are Important article from the Security Educaiton Companion to be useful.